Blusa com linda renda na manga e frente romantica

Blouse with beautiful lace on sleeve and front romantica
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Name: blouse with lace and Romantic Front

Category: Sweaters

The play style: smooth and with Income

Neckline: Rounded

Sleeve: Short

Closing: No Zipper or button

Adjustable: No

Suitable for: Work, Walk, go out at night

Composition: draped Saruel pants and lace

Manufacturer's warranty: Against manufacturing defects

Source: National

Available in various colors and sizes.

Be sure to purchase this great romantic fashion success!


The short sleeve blouse win a charm the most: the rent.

Combines the versatility of short sleeve to the sophistication of the lace fabric.

Is perfect for a more elaborated and for when you want to give a personal touch of romanticism to the composition. Can be used on several occasions, such as work, school or night tours.


The short sleeve blouse is very practical and versatile. Lace detail gives romanticism and personality to the piece, besides leaving the visual more charming. The neckline is rounded, however, on the front side, under the income, there are the neckline in heart, which brings even more femininity. The sleeves and the neckline of the front, in income, are terminated with draped saruel pants hem, as well as the body of the shirt. It is a piece that does not mark the body and therefore is used without concern or restrictions. Lace detail calls attention to the upper part of the female body, but keeps a low profile because it covers the cervix.

About the Material

The draped Saruel pants is the fusion of 4% elastane fibre with 96% viscose yarn. This mixture produces a light, comfortable fabric, enough elasticity and fine trim.

The rent is a transparent open mesh fabric, fine and delicate, how varied designs with cotton wire meshes

Fabric care

Should not be subjected to bleaching with chlorine or any other product containing large amount of bleach. Don't spend the warm (110° C). Do not use steam. Do not rub or twist in the rent.


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Size: P M G
Numbering: 36-38 40-42 42-44
Numbering: 46-48 50-52 54-56


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Blusa com linda renda na manga e frente romantica

Blusa com linda renda na manga e frente romantica

Blouse with beautiful lace on sleeve and front romantica
P M G- R$ 22.90
GG XGG XXL- R$ 31.90
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Wholesale clothing

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