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Satin regatta
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Name: Satin tank top

Category: strap Blouses

Model: adjustable Strap

Style of Play: Lisa

Neckline: Canoe

Sleeve: sleeveless

Closing: No zipper or button

Adjustable: No

Suitable for: night tours, work, hang out with boyfriend

Composition: Satin

Manufacturer's warranty: Against manufacturing defects

Source: national


The light fabric and loose sweaters are great to be used in the summer, they are making the biggest success in the female wardrobe, so you'll need to have a Satin regatta, this model looks great in the body and is a very versatile piece that can be used both at work, but also can be used for most casual moments with some friends at the bar, the Satin regattaIt's a feminine blouse and super comfortable, the Satin regatta can be combined with denim shorts, pants, leggings, wide, anyway are countless possibilities, you just need to be creative.


The Sailing model is quite simple satin, your modeling consists of front and costa, its coast is straight and has a rubber band folded, that of a security in support of the play, the only thing that can give more work is to make the handle and the handling of the fabric, which is a very delicate material. Any color you choose this model will come out very well, as it is a very ordered, buy the race, because you will not regret it.


The satin is actually a fabric mesh, plan where the weft and warp, and is this interweaving of the satin Sheen, it is 100% polyester.


Should not be subjected to bleaching with chlorine or any other product containing large amount of bleach. Don't spend the warm (110° C).  



When selling the regatta of satin.

Long skirt with slit and apply buttons

 A beautiful and sophisticated look, combining the regatta with satin long skirt with slit, you have a good harmony and a beautiful set out, always offers to its customers a wide variety of models, so they have a range of options, Rico find more models of skirts in our category Skirts and Bill with Iris goya.



Draped Saruel Pants Fabric


68% 18% 8% Lyocell Modal silk and 6% Elastane

Size: P M G
Numbering: 36-38 40-42 42-44
Numbering: 46-48 50-52 54-56


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Regata de cetim

Regata de cetim

Satin regatta
P M G- R$ 24.00 by 20.00 R$

Product on offer

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