Blusa de renda com varios babados.

Lace blouse with Ruffles.

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lace blouses

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Name: lace blouse with several ruffles

Category: strap Blouses

The play style: smooth and with Income

Neckline: Rounded

Sleeve: sleeveless

Closing: No Zipper or button

Adjustable: No

Suitable for: Sightseeing, go out at any time of the day

Composition: draped Saruel pants and lace

Manufacturer's warranty: Against manufacturing defects

Source: National

Available in various colors and sizes.

Be sure to purchase this great romantic fashion success!


The model of the Lace blouse with several ruffles comes with various elements românticos, and the main are the five ruffles of the piece and its floral lace, this piece can be used during the day or during the night, the Lace blouse with several ruffles is rich and all, who's got this piece cannot let her forgotten in the closet, it was madeyou show the world how beautiful you are, cheap and beautiful blouses only here at Iris Goya.


The modeling of Lace blouse with several ruffles  is more complex, as each spoon is cut differently and then are joined together and then United with the pala of viscolaycra, which connects the ruffles, lace and all that the Union Lace blouse with several ruffles, its handle is made with the gallon of 2 needles. Don't waste your time, this piece will be very successful with its customers.


The draped Saruel pants is the fusion of 4% elastane fibre with 96% viscose yarn. This mixture produces a light, comfortable fabric, enough elasticity and fine trim.

The rent is a transparent open mesh fabric, fine and delicate, how varied designs with cotton wire meshes


Should not be subjected to bleaching with chlorine or any other product containing large amount of bleach. Don't spend the warm (110° C). Do not use steam. Do not rub or twist in the rent.


When Selling the Shirt Of Lace With Many Ruffles

Jeans with leather Detail on Leg

Calça com detalhe de couro na perna

The look of the night will be complete with the Lace Blouse With Several Ruffles and the jeans with leather Detail on Leg, offers to its customers these two beautiful pieces, they were dazzled by so much beauty, because cheap and beautiful blouses only here at Iris Goya.


Draped Saruel Pants Fabric

96% Viscose
4% Elastane

Size: P M G
Numbering: 36-38 40-42 42-44


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Blusa de renda com varios babados.

Blusa de renda com varios babados.

Lace blouse with Ruffles.

Sale wholesale

lace blouses

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